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Please explain the Rating System and why it is important

10/20/2018 03:44:00 PM

A primary concern to a Landowner that is considering allowing strangers to "play" on their property with loaded weapons, is safety, trust, and respectful behaviors. Likewise, a Hunter should be concerned about safety, trust and respectful behaviors of all members of their group; along with knowing the Property Manager is trustworthy.

Unique to Cold Winds is a Rating System that applies to both Members and Property Manager. Our model is similar to a persons Credit Rating, the amount of transactions solidifies the score and can be used in making decisions for what property you want to hunt or what hunters you want to allow on the property.


Every Member and Property Manager in Cold Winds starts with a Rating score of 4. Within 2 days of lease start, each lease transaction will result in a Rating that will be averaged in for your new Rating score.  The Member(s) and Property Manager will have the ability to increase or decrease the score from the lease based on what was observed.

Examples of how this could be used:  If a Property Manager only wants the Hunters that have had at least one hunt and have been exceptionally respectful in that hunt. The Property Manager could set a minimum rating of 4.1 as a requirement to leases.  If a Property Manager was more forgiving and wanted the land opened to more Hunters the Property Manager could set a minimum rating of 3 which would mean new Hunters are allowed and Hunters that scored at least a 2 from another hunt.

The Cold Winds Rating System is a powerful tool that helps drive respectful and safe behaviors that matter to everyone involved.

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