Frequently Asked Questions


Who is your competition?

10/18/2018 05:42:00 AM

We are asked this often and it is a great question, the best answer is Public Hunting land.


Many would guess our competition is the Hunt Leasing businesses that are scattered across the US. Cold Winds is a technology platform used to balance the needs on all side of transactions and we do not provide any on-site services. All the Hunt Leasing businesses are a relationship business and they provide many of the services that Cold Winds defines as being in the role of Property Manager within our platform.  At Cold Winds, we view the Hunt Leasing businesses as ideal customers to our platform.


Cold Winds vs Public Hunting land


Paying to hunt vs FREE hunting.  FREE is very appealing and Cold Winds is a supporter of Public Hunting but understand with Cold Winds you are paying for the SAFETY of knowing you should be the only group hunting on that land for the dates you have chosen. Cold Winds allows you to avoid the frustration of going to a Public Hunting land and finding someone else beat you to the spot or cut-in in front of you while on the property. If you are wanting to plan a hunting trip with several people Public Hunting land has the risk of it being a waste of all your time.  Cold Winds provides solutions to the problems that exist in Public Hunting land while also balancing the wants and needs of the landowners.

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