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Can I be a Property Manager for a property that I do not own?

10/17/2018 11:30:00 AM
Yes, with permission from the Owner or Rights Holder.  Please give consideration to the details below.

First off in order to be a Property Manager on Cold Winds, we will need your US tax ID, before any payments can be made.

Second, we will have things in place to quickly detect fraud and scams.  If you are doing things with bad intentions - Please just go away.

The Cold Winds platform allows for Property Manager to be listing and managing of a property they do not own, BUT the Property Manager must provide and maintain signed and dated Authorization from the Property Owner(s).  The signed agreement needs to be uploaded to the Cold Winds site and will be available for any potential Lessee to see and validate.

While you could create your own agreement form, the Cold Winds Authorization form is available.  <adding link here to .pdf form>   

IMPORTANT NOTE - The Property Manager will be responsible to pay the Property Owner. Cold Winds will only pay the Property Manager. It should be reasonable and customary to assume that the Property Manager will be getting compensation of some sort. The Property Manager is advised to consider tax consequences, sales taxes and any other concern that may apply.

Top 6 Use Cases of Property Manager, not being the Property Owner - 

#6 - Properties are owned by people who do have the technical experience, comfort or time to manage leases.

#5 - Properties are owned by a corporation and need to be able to assign someone as the contact person, for Cold Winds the Property Manager is the contact.

#4 - Properties might be in an agricultural lease which could create confusion on who has the hunting rights.  The Authorization forms allow everyone involved to agree.

#3 - A Guide or Outfitter often will have permission for land use, but not be the actual owner. A Guide or Outfitter can list those lands as a Property Manager. Alternatively, a Guide or Outfitter may just want to be and advertise their business, in which case Cold Winds would not maintain ratings, leases or handle any of the financial recording, reporting or trust. 

#2 - A Hunt Leasing business can act as a Property Manager and use the Cold Winds platform to manage the listings, leases, and financials.

The Game Changing Reason #1 - A Hunter who would like extra money, maybe to pay for Cold Winds membership and leases could be a Property Manager.

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