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I have property to lease. How do I know how much to charge for the lease rates?

05/11/2018 11:21:00 PM

The "Property Manager" decides lease prices and has several tools to maintain controls that they choose about the leases when listing a property.

A "Property Manager" can be the landowner or it can be a person/business who has written permission from the actual property owner, to manage listings for the owner.  Cold Winds makes payment to the "Property Manager".

Things to consider in determining lease prices.


Minimum lease value is $50,  your lease must be $50 or greater.

Cold Winds will typically collect a 10% commision fee on leases that are signed.  

When credit or debit cards are used for leases, a card processing fee may be charged to the hunter/ leasee by Cold Winds. Processing fees are over and above the lease price and therefore would not be a consideration in the lease price that Property Manager would set.

In the future, Cold Winds would like the opportunity to offer periodic 10% discounts on leases.  This would be an optional program to enlist properties.

Cold Winds releases lease payments on a monthly basis, on the 5th day (or following business day) of the month following lease, start date. ACH payments will have no added fees. If a mailed check is requested as the lease payment means a $5 processing fee, would be applied.  Earlier lease payment release options will become available for Property Managers that are in vetted and maintaining 4.0 or better ratings.

The Property Manager is responsible for any sales taxes that may be applicable to the lease.

Lease payments are reported through 1099, be sure to give consideration to income tax consequences.

Cold Winds suggest that lease prices are reflective of the quality of the land and species along with consideration to the location.

NEW lease prices can be changed by Property Manager at any time.  Signed leases cannot have the price altered during lease period. 


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