Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Cold Winds charge a seasonal membership fee of $99?

05/11/2018 10:26:00 PM

At Cold Winds, we believe everyone who receives something of value, should contribute something of value.  Cold Winds will collect and maintain data about your leases and hunt history along with maintaining ratings which reflects your reputation for being a safe and respectful hunter/ leasee.  

From a "Property Manager" perspective, they usually like to know you are invested when coming to them with a potential lease.

The $99 price point for a seasonal membership was a price where we feel we can be a great value to those typically spending  $1000 or more per season on hunting.  The value of time saved in finding properties to hunt, at lease prices, and dates of your choosing, for the species you are after; should off-set the cost of seasonal membership for people spending $1000 or more on hunting.

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